How to update NVIDIA drivers in Zorin

When I first installed Zorin, I was able to get the NVIDIA drivers working properly. A few months later I started having minor issues with video, and checked on the NVIDIA site for an updated driver based on my graphics card - because that’s how I had managed the process on other OSs.

I downloaded the latest driver, tried to install it from Terminal but ran into errors that ended the install without success. Hmmm. I searched on how to update more-manually, to get around the issue, and found a seven-step Terminal tutorial (for Ubuntu linux in general). Not user friendly, seemed fraught with opportunity to mess up it and my system up.

In the end after more looking, I kind of stumbled across the solution – in Zorin, it’s super easy to update your NVIDIA graphics drivers. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to Software Updater
  2. After it automatically checks for updates, select Settings…
  3. Then select the Additional Drivers tab, far right

Software Updater searches for available drivers, then shows all the available NVIDIA drivers for your installation. The most recent releases will be on top. The filled-in radio button shows which driver you’re currently using.

If your driver isn’t the latest, do the following to update:

  1. Select the newest stable driver, likely one that has (proprietary, tested) after the name and number
  2. Select the Apply Changes button

At that point, Zorin automatically downloads the driver, and applies the new driver to your system.

This seems simple and obvious now, but I searched (in forums and elsewhere) and found nothing clear. So I’m posting this here, in hope that someone else benefits from a search that returns this posts and takes the easy path.