How to update to zorin 17.0?


Can please someone help me i purchased zorin through their website in 2020, and as i go to the application "upgrade Zorin OS" its asking me to purchase zorin 17 to continue.

I already own Zorin and I remember it costs me around £46. I think its a rip off. I have been let down.

thank you

If you go from Zorin 16 to Zorin 17 you have to pay again, or have I misunderstood your post

If you puchased Z16 then you get 16.1, 16.2, 16.3 point issues included. Z17 is a new version so payment is expected for that. It will also give you all the Z17 point issues. These payments are the primary source of revenue to the developers. If you just want a free-of-charge edition of ZorinOS, then Core can be downloaded and installed if that suits you.


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