How to update youtube-dl with nightly version?

youtube-dl in repos doesn't work any more because Censorship giant Google changed user id scheme on YT. Issue seems to be solved in nightly version of youtube-dl, but that version cannot be wget-ed from because of copyright issue.
Is there any way to get around this obstacle?

Switch to yt-dlp

Thanks. Zorin uses 2022 version of yt-dlp cause we are on Ubuntu 22.04.
I know it's LTS but is it not time to catch with the times?

You may want to consider a different newer or rolling distribution like Fedora, Solus, or Arch. Or Ubuntu 24.04 LTS which was just released in April. Zorin OS tends to delay a lot and does not get the latest and greatest for the sake of improving appearance, reliability, and simplicity for new Linux users. That is one of the reasons I like Linux Mint Debian Edition just a bit more due to use of only Debian packages and flatpaks plus slightly better updates.

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That's just the thing, the idea of a Long-Term Release is to be to stable. Installing nightly versions of software goes against that very notion, which is why you will rarely see the latest possible versions of packaged software available in Debian and derivative distributions.

However, this doesn't mean that you can't go out of your way to install software through alternative installation methods. I haven't tried this but it's worth a try.

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Simply use the 'recommended' install from the release section:

Platform-independent zipimport binary. Needs Python (recommended for Linux/BSD)