How to upgrade from 15.3 lite to 16 lite

Hey guys, i just realized that zorin os lite is out, but i don't know how to upgrade without erasing or losing my data( i don't have a backup hardrive)
And i was about to follow the guide but i just noticed that the tutorial to the updating is the same for the installing process, so i couldn't follow it
So why is not an automatic updating like in ubuntu?

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There is a Direct Upgrade option currently in development by the ZorinGroup - It is not yet released.
Please do not try to follow any guides (e.g., Reddit, Linuxstoney) that promise you an easy method to upgrade Zorin OS 15 to Zorin OS 16; they will destructively damage your entire system.
These guides are False.
The guides provided on The Zorin Website and on this forum reflect that accurate reality: To safely upgrade to Zorin OS 16 from Zorin OS 15, you must reinstall.

Ubuntu does have a Direct Release Upgrade option, but it is not automatic. It does offer a Prompt that you can follow to begin the upgrade process, though.
This is important, because a user may have good reasons to not want to upgrade the system.

Currently, it is unknown when Zorins Direct Upgrade path will be ready and released.
Zorin OS 15 is still supported and will receive updates until 2023.


another possible victim, who do people do this, what is the fun.

That is because there is not any, You can't upgrade from 15.3 to 16.
You have to do a fresh install and if you want the Zorin 16Lite you should purchase Pro.


I just saw on twitter about Zorin OS 16 lite. But lately, of all the site, Zorin is the one I can't access or loads too long. I guess I'll wait till 2023 before changing? Or when the website loads normally again. hahahahahah

Do you mean the download or the website as a whole?

the whole website. even this forum takes a lot to load. only this site. Other sites like youtube isnt. Whether in phone or in my laptop. Its just Zorin. That's why I'm silent lately

I would guess that a script for this page is installed. Have you tried using some Browser Add-ons that block scripts?

brave have it I think

Well it keeps all them complaints left outside the door. But it's not a good thing when you can't read or not having them delivered.

well just one site, like I said, zorin site alone. hahaha but never mind. If I can at least load it, its fine.

I didn't make any changes but i was searching for and i didn't find but i already make the upgrade by reinstalling it and keeping the /home partition

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