How to upgrade from 15.3 to 16

I heard big news when the new Zorin hit the tables, but I was waiting for an upgrade popup. Nothing happened. Latest updates crashed ZorinOS in some critical functions like sleep - btusb crashed and sound could not be restored until I manually reset it using

sudo modprobe btusb

Then just restart the re/enable the the bluetooth service using systemctl

sudo systemctl start bluetooth.service

The option to perform a Direct Upgrade from Zorin OS 15.3 to Zorin OS 16 is still in development.
However, you can upgrade to Zorin OS 16 by downloading and installing Zorin OS 16 on your system.

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Thank you for your time. Could you please create a popup that will inform the users when it's ready to install on the system?

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Jeremi Rynkiewicz

I believe it is likely that the Zoringroup will have such a feature enabled.

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