[HOW TO] use Alt-Code characters on Zorin OS / Linux

You can enable the Unicode format with the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+u (per use).
Once enabled, you can then type the Unicode or Hex code to make the character, then hit the enter key (Or space key will work, too). If you have magical inhuman fingers, you can hold down ctrl+shift+u while entering in the unicode or hex, thereby not needing to hit the enter key.
For example, to make the ß character, I would use the hex 0xDF (Though I did not bother capitalizing the DF and the character came out fine).

The Trademark™ is unicode 2122 and the Registered® is 00AE.
This also works for Accented Characters. For example, cedilla is 00E7, should you want to type Façade.
You can look up Unicode Lists or look up the Hex of Unicode you need on a per-character basis.

To tie all of the above together... I want to type the word facade without letting people know how ignorant I really am.
I would type the f and the a letters, then tap ctrl+shift+u and type in 00e7 for the cedilla character, then enter or space key and continue typing as normal: a d e...

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Don't hurt me. But it was me who edited [How to] adding the square brackets.

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