[HOW TO] use Aptitude GUI package manager

I have Aptitude installed on my machine.

sudo apt install aptitude

Advanced Package Tool by Debian is what you call upon with apt-get and apt commands. You are not using APT, you are using apt to retrieve from APT.
Another versatile and great package manager is Aptitude.
But I only recently learned that Aptitude comes with a GUI mode. And it is not... what you think it is. :stuck_out_tongue:
You can open it with sudo aptitude in terminal and it opens a GUI-like functionality; within your terminal. It has a menubar accessible by ctrl+t, that you can use to upgrade, update, install, remove, clean the apt cache, remove obsolete files- It looks straight outta 1988 and is functional enough for 2031.
I was going to make a full write up but when I went looking for Screenshots; I found a guide that does a better job than I would have: