How to use Input Remapper

Hello, I have a generic mouse with a wheel that can be tilted to left/right, on windows with programs like X-Mouse Button Control I map it so I can go backward or forward in a web site or windows apps. I'm trying to map the mouse to do it on Zorin and I've downloaded Input Mapper, figured out the basics of it, but I'm stumped now 'cause I don't know how to bind multiple keyboard keys to the mouse actions. On Linux ALT + left/right arrow can do what I'm looking for, I just can't figure out what to write in the output section of Input Remapper. Would someone be so kind and point me in the right direction? Thanks!

I believe the commands themselves should be

xdotool key alt+Left

xdotool key alt+Right

If necessary, xdotool can be installed with

sudo apt install xdotool

Bear in mind that Wayland does not have any support for xdotool so using it will require logging in on Zorin Desktop on X from the gear icon at the login window.

Hello sorry do you mean that I have to write "xdotool key alt+right/left" in input remapper? Or in a terminal? I have xdotool installed.

Yes, or copy and paste them as they are posted above.