How to use Network Displays

I've never use wireless screen using Linux before. So I launch my 2nd laptop and open program called "Wireless Screen" on my Windows 11 and I launch Network Displays on Zorin and the list appeares and when I try to connect, it keep failing. How to solve this issues?

I have not used this feature yet. Is this something that is a part of the os or something you added?

From what I'm reading, there were issues with Ubuntu 20 and they have been resolved for Ubuntu 21. While zorin 16 is based on Ubuntu 20, library and kernel updates may place zorin 16 closer to Ubuntu 21, maybe between 21 and 22, since the Zorin's update independently of Ubuntu.

There is a flatpak version of gnome-network, but it may cause more issues as flatpak is double sandboxed.

You may find the following helpful: Ubuntu: Using Intel Wireless Display (WiDi) in Ubuntu - YouTube

It's the part of the OS. I am not 100% sure there is already added to the Zorin 15 or only the Pro version

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