How to use SetupVPN on ZorinOS

Hello guys,
I need to install/run SetupVPN on ZorinOS, but since I am not an advanced user, please could you give me a hint.

Double click the file named setupvpn.

You may need to right click it, choose properties, then ensure it has Executable permission.

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I did that already, but nothing happened. I guessed maybe it's something like AppImage, I clicked on it, but it didn't tun :grin:

I downloaded it to test it to be sure before replying.

Double clicking it worked. But it took a very long time to initialize.

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So everything is OK, but the application has an unknown problem.

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Unknown problem?

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Yep, doesn't run on my PC, I wait for an hour. I don't know why

It is supposed to connect to its servers first. I wonder if it is failing to connect.

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I don't know, maybe ... anyway I am okay with its browser's plugin


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