How to use wifi and hotspot at the same time In Zorin Os core

How can I use hotspot and wifi at same time whenever I try to do it always switch off wifi to turn on hotspot ?

How to use wifi & enable hotspot at the same time - LinuxH2O try this

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I followed every step

This is weird I thought feature like this would already be installed in linux based operating system as in windows you can easily turn wifi and hotspot at the same time easily.

Praveen, did you use the correct name for wifi, is your wifi name LINUX 8920657626?

wifi name is ADMIN I corrected it but it still gives the same error and also the 8920657626 is password of hotspot.
also we can choose the desired name we want for our hotspot so this isn't the issue.

I don't use the combination wifi/hotspot so I can't test is for you.
But having read the info from the link and comparing the lines in the print screen shouldn't it be;

"sudo create_ap wlp1s0 wlp1s0 ADMIN 8920657626" ?

outcome is same

Last input I can think of is, when you command ifconfig is your wifi interface name; "wlp1s0"
or did you use it because of the example from the link.

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it's my wifi interface name

when I disconnected from wifi network the outcome is different now

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