HOW to view downloaded ios checksum?

I've read that one should make sure that the checksum of the downloaded .ios file matches the reference on the Zorin download page. OK - HOW do I view the checksum of the downloaded .ios file?

Try this:

Thanks for link to 'checksum' info. I remember this being done when I first mounted the prepared USB stick so I am guessing I don't need to (manually) do this (again). Reading some many 'how-to . . .' tutorials here have me very confused and worried that I need to do this and that which I sadly do NOT understand.

Part of me says just GO FOR IT - put in the USB and let it rip. It seems that you guys (is there any gals here??) have your acts sooo together that it should be a snap to put Zorin on my laptop, bumping Windows aside. But all the Oops! posts I see make me realize otherwise?

It's just a precautionary step that you then don't come back with "My Zorin install has faile." At least if you check the SHA256 checksum against the iso you have downloaded, at least we can rule that out. If you are dual-booting based on other threads, whatever you decide to do, please backup critical data from your Windows installation. If you have been using Thunderbird e-mail (I no longer do due to it's Googlecentricness) you can import your settings to Thunderbird on Zorin. I think you will find Evolution a better experience than Thunderbird, but then again I am biased!

I am ready to replace Thunderbird with Evolution. I just am not having a huge warm & cozy playing around with Evolution in the 'Try" mode. And I'm wondering if the Firewall setting dear Al had me put on isn't messing around with my playing around? Oh well, so much to do/learn and sort out in my head.

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