How to "zoom" parts of the desktop / a whole window?

Hi, I'm using wine to bridge (via yabridge) a windows VST plugin (Kontakt 6) into a music production software. The UI window of that plugin however is ridiculously small on my 4k screen since it's designed for FullHD screens. Is there a way in Ubuntu to target a specific window and 'zoom' it? Obviously it will look blurry/grainy, but I prefer that over a barely readable micro-UI.

why not just use fractional scaling? Most linux distros has that these days. It is found in display settings.

make shortcut or launcher to it and put it's command in it: your-app and display res or scale settings with command-line and u can apply full-screen also with command line.
i do that with mari0 game
mari0 & sleep 2; xrandr -s 800x600 && wmctrl -r "Mari0" -b add,fullscreen

@freshjeff I'm using fractional scaling, which works well in the overall OS, but it's not being applied to this plugin window.

@eid I can't launch that window via command line, it's a plugin being called by another application (yabridge in Bitwig)

Have you tried the accessibility settings yet? There you can increase the text size (or in Zorin Appearance) and use the magnification function.

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Thank you, this is pretty much exactly what I was looking for. I can push that plugin window to my right screen and activate zoom with keyboard shortcut when I need to. Lovely, thank you very much. :slight_smile: