[HowTo] enable sound & change resolution in "World of Goo"


You may as me have the "old" game World of Goo installed and want to play it. But the resolution is low and there's no sound in it. There's a fix for that. Note: This is the .deb version of World of Goo from Humble Bundle.

Resolution Fix

Open the terminal and copy/paste;

cp -r /opt/WorldOfGoo/properties/config.txt ~/.WorldOfGoo
nano ~/.WorldOfGoo/config.txt

Under Graphic Display change

<param name="screen_width" value="800" />
  <param name="screen_height" value="600" />

to your prefered resolution.
ctrl +o = Save
ctrl+x = Exit

That's it!

Fix Sound

Open the terminal and copy/paste;


Find World of Goo under the Games category. Click it and click Properties.
In Command box change the line to;

padsp /opt/WorldOfGoo/WorldOfGoo

There you go!