[HowTo] Play Age of Wonders 4 on Steam

Greetings. This little guide will show you how to play Age of Wonders 4 on Linux.

  1. Open Settings in Steam and enable Steam Play

  1. Download Age of Wonders 4

  1. Right click on Age of Wonders 4 and choose Properties. Under general copy/paste this command into Launch Options.
eval $( echo gamemoderun "%command%" | sed "s/launcher-se\/Paradox Launcher.exe'.*/AOW4.exe'/")

Now you're good to go! :slight_smile:


I loved 3 and Planetfall, will definitely be following your advice sometime this year when I get time.

It's very addictive game, I must say and easy to learn. So now I have two games that compete for my attention. Age of Wonderes 4 and Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous

In less than an hour will the first DLC to AOW4 be released; "Dragon Dawn"!!!
Release your inner dragon! Be a dragon! Think like a dragon! Must have for me. Dragons, gargolyes and werewolves are my favorite pets :smiley:

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