HP 1022 Printer support


I try to print in my HP 1022 but it stuck in "processing" and never print

I saw in the record soft this:

hp-config_usb_printer[546]: error: HP Device plugin's are not installed. Please install plugin's using hp-plugin command.

I try to install the plugin via Terminal but it says that

Downloading plug-in: [\ ] 0% warning: zorin distro is not found in AUTH_TYPES

I dont have a HP Printer, but problems with HP Printers and Zorin 15 (based on Ubuntu 18.04) generally point to installation of HPLIP software from HP. This may be of interest to you: package management - How to install latest HPLIP on my Ubuntu to support my HP printer and/or scanner? - Ask Ubuntu

Can you state which version and flavour of ZorinOS you are usinfg e.g. Z15.3 Core, Lite etc or maybe Z16 Core Beta?

Someone else who has experience ofd HP Printers and Zorin may then be better informed and maybe able to help you.

Im using Zorin Os Core 15.3. I was using ubuntu 20.04 and i there i have no problem with this printer.

How is your printer settings look like?
Any chances for screenshot?

Also this might help:

The settings just look fine, but when a send to print it stuck in "Processing"

I downloaded from here hp's Developer Portal | Version: 3.21.4 the Hp-Lip but is a .run file, how can i make it work?

Can you click on "Configration de impresora...." and take another screenshot.


  1. Open terminal by pressing:
    "ctrl + alt + T"
  2. Do to your Downloads directory"
cd Downloads
  1. Find the name of downloaded HPLIPS installer:
  1. Run the shell command to install HP printer driver:
sudo  bash ./[whatever the file name is]

I need property of this printer.
Right click on it and select "property" (or equivalent in your language)

If you had no problems with Ubuntu 20.04 then please note that Zorin16 Core Beta is available to download and is based on Ubuntu 20.04. You could give that a try.
For a Beta it is considered quite stable and will likely update to a production release in the next few weeks.


That's a better strategy rather than trying to install drivers manually. I did not think about it.

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can i update from my version? Or i need to do a reinstall from scratch?

I am afraid there is no direct upgrade till the final version get released:

i will try it then!

You mean installing Zorin 16 or installing HP driver?

installin zorin 16 from scrath!

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Good for you :slight_smile:
I am sure you will like it.
If you have any problem, we are here to help you!

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thanks man! The Zorin OS 16 was the solution.


Hi [Midian2069]
There appear to be Linux drivers for HP LaserJet 1022 Drivers here.

Maybe it can solve your problem. Unfortunately, HP official site does not provide Linux drivers.