HP 14-dk0012ur sound quality problem

I’m experiencing really bad sound on my HP 14-dk0012ur. It’s echoish, noisy and generally low quality. I tried to change configs and reinstall PulseAudio but nothing had any impact on the situation. I had a similiar problem half a year ago when I was trying to switch to Linux - the WiFi device just hadn’t been working, which I’m sure was a driver problem, because now WiFi works fine. Maybe I just need to wait again until an update fixes it?

With hopes that these tips help:

Didn’t work, literally no changes in sound… :pensive:

On Ubuntu derivitives, sound has been a thorn in the paw for a long time.
I often don’t touch the isssue. I have been lucky in that I have always been in the majority of users that had no sound issues.
But I think Swarfendor has experienced them all.

I did see this reddit that makes a few more suggestions:

It links to this, which is very similar to the tips in the link posted above:


See this (Pulse Effects)
It will update you to latest pulse audio.
Install Dolby Atmos effect from here. Windows 10 comes with some digital sound processing , this applies similar to Linux.
I never have distortion on my Linux laptops, which are all ThinkPads at present. Also, my USB DACs all work too (Ubuntu LTS & current)

Have you also tried installing ALSA including Qas config and another Qas package I can’t remember as using data waiting to be served food.