HP 2630 Printer/Scanner

After I reinstalled Zorin 16 Pro the HP printer will not work. I have a message saying communication error. The printer information page that the printer did print after I restarted seemed to suggest that the printer is being recognised but that it can not print.
I have tried varias fixes which are listed in the forum but nothing works. I switched off the Appamour as suggested but no difference. I am using the latest hplip 3.22.6. I had the same problem when using a recent version of Ubuntu. If anyone can help I will be most grateful. I enjoy using Zorin but this is bugging me. Thanks

A couple things you can try:
Connect the printer to wifi, then test if that works instead of cabled.

Roll back to the previous kernel and test if the printer works then - a recent update to the kernel may have contained a regression.


Thank you for your suggestion I try these.

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