HP LASERJET P1005 Not printing out..Zorin says print out completed

HP LASERJET P1005 Not printing out..
Zorin says printing completed
its on usb

this printer works ok on Windows 10
Can any one please help

thank you

Try This Link :wink:

Hi thanks for your advice, still no joy in the data for the bug report ..it looks like printer is found but unable to communicate to printer via usb

Are you Performing a Dual Boot?

Also, have you yet run

sudo hp-setup -i

from terminal and followed the prompts?

EDIT: @swarfendor437 was posting at same time, with excellent tips, too.

Open a terminal and enter:

sudo system-config-printer

This will open the familiar printer GUI.
If your printer is showing, delete it. Next, select Add Printer. The interface should launch a new Window and will take a few seconds for the screen to show all devices. Next choose local/usb. Hopefully it should open another window for you to choose manufacturer, then a further window after selecting HP. Check to see if your model is listed. If not, look at your HP printer cartridge box to see what models it can be used in, then choose a model that matches. Then click OK. What happens these days is that the Linux Kernel/CUPS correctly identifies the printer but states it is driverless. If this still does not work you may need to install the HPLIP package

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