HP Pavilion Laptop - no SSD/NVME Disk detected

wanna install Zorin Core v16 on my HP Pavilion Laptop.
as DualBoot with Windows 10.

The SSD/NVME Disk is not detected.
Windows 10 with secure boot is there.
We disabled secure boot... but nothing changed.

Is it possible to add parameter at boot (USB-Key)
that the Disk is detected ?

The Laptop has one SSD/NVME Disk
and one SATA Harddrive.
the SATA Hardrive/nonSSD is detected ( as /dev/sda )
but I wanna use the SSD because of the speed.

Have you used Windows Disk Management to shrink C:\ drive to make room for Zorin?

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no I dont.... but if I not can select the DISK so I can not use it

I'm referring to the SSD and use Windows Device Manager | Disk Management to shrink C:\

ok understand.... I would use linux tools gparted or somthing...
but I can not select the SSD in the zoris installation I can not use the SSD

What's under 'Security' in your BIOS - do you have Secure Boot disabled and also possible RAID options changed to AHCI?