Hp print all documents with a yellow shadow

Hi. My HP deskjet 2130 series was working fine, but, I don’t know what happened, every document in color
( of any format) is printed with a yellow shadow, even if it’s downloaded from internet. I don’t know what to do. Please, need your help.

I have spent a lot of time cleaning Toner Bombs in my life…
Although a bad toner cartridge can cause this, it may also be caused by some toner getting loose and gumming up the rolling drum. Unplugging the printer, removing the toner and paper and cleaning the inside with a detail-vacuum and cotton swabs may help resolve the issue.
It is very unlikely anything software-side in your OS is causing the issue.
Your printer MAY need the calibration set and for that, you will need to look to the Hewlett Packard website for a troubleshooting guide.

Have you done any checks, particularly alighment check. See here:

I would like the help of zababadoo. I just replaced the color cartrigde and the problem has gone.

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ps. I forgot to write the word THANK YOU on the previous message.

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