HP Printers Support

HPLIP(Image for HP Printers) have been updated to version 3.21.10, a release that adds support for Zorin 15, 16 and for a new printers.
Now we can choose Zorin Os as a distro.



Even if you don't have an HP Printer, if for instance you have an all-in-one on your home network, you can use the JetDirect option - it is what I used to install HP Printers with when I was a self-employed IT contractor many years ago.

All you need to know is your printer's IP Address - works every time!

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It is great that I know who to invoke when we need some help in French language. J'habite en France mais mon français est mauvais.


I've been busy completing some software for Zorin OS and other... :wink:
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