HP Stream and Zorin 16


I was running Zorin 15.3 Core on an HP Stream. Works great. Today, I upgraded to 16 and am getting it configured. My question is: I am unable to charge the battery on the laptop until it goes down to 0%. This was true in 15.3 but I was hopeful it wouldn't be the case in 16 but it is.

I thought it might be the power supply or cable (and it could be the battery) but I seem to think it might be something in the HP BIOS. When the machine had Windows 10 it would recharge from any level.

I tried a battery program I found to glean more information and didn't get much other than the battery seems okay. Is there a setting in the BIOS I need to make to allow the battery to charge other than allowing it to drain to 0%?


There is a good chance that the HP Stream BIOS must be updated per the Manufacturer in order to resolve this problem.
Without knowing your Model of HP Stream, I can only point you in a general direction:

But let's say, For Example you have an HP Stream 14.
You could burn this file to USB stick using Unetbootin or Rufus:

Boot from it, then download the file from here:

In the hirens live boot medium, navigate to C:\SWfiles and double click the installer, then click Update BIOS.

Thanks for this. I believe it did it. I updated the BIOS and the battery is charging. Thank you.

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Thanks... After the past couple days - Needed a "Win..."

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