HP victus laptop black screen after opening lid(Nvidia)

I just installed Zorin OS on my HP Victus laptop, and along with other distros, when I close my laptop lid and reopen it I get a black screen and text saying that there is a missing file. Does anyone have a fix for this problem?

What missing file?

It gives me a error of something not being able to write, then It goes to the login screen where I don't get any response from my keyboard/mouse.

Did you format the drive as BRTFS, ZFS or EXT4?

Are you dual booting Windows?

Is Secure Boot disabled in BIOS settings?

As you appear to be getting ACPI errors, if you hold the left Shift key to see GRUB, choose safe mode and select E to edit GRUB boot command and on the line that starts vmlinuz add a space at the end and type noacpi, save and reboot.

It almost appears that your CMOS region settings are conflicting what with Zorin is trying to load..

Do you have any issues with time / date? I.e. - when you reboot, the BIOS time defaults?

I have never had any problems with the time/date, and I never had this problem on windows it's just linux.

My root partition is BRTFS and boot is ext4, I am not dual booting windows nor do I have secure boot enabled.

Or - could be firmware related:

When was your last BIOS update? There may be one on HP's site that needs applying.

I haven't updated my bios at all since I got my laptop a year ago.

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What model do you have? I did see some new-ish 2023 BIOS updates for a few of the Victus ones, random picks though - not sure which one you've got :smirk:

I think it's the Model 15-fa0031dx, it could be similar ones though.

So, there were two different ones that popped up for 15-fa0031dx -
Screenshot from 2023-12-02 16-07-21

I picked the UA one, first screenshot image - hoping there's a file you can use through a BIOS update option within BIOS.. guessing so, looks like .exe but last time I saw that - ended up being a single file to use on USB through BIOS.

Lemme download that and see what it is..

(edit) So, does look like an exe installer :expressionless: .. not certain if the BIOS can update using that - and I've never tried using those installers with Wine.

But, check the installed version with the one on the site first - it may be up to date already..

this is why I hate HP, they only make the files for windows. Lemme check though

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This is an interesting read:


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Okay okay.. so there may be hope after all --

I just read on the HP support forums that the installer .exe isn't an installer, it creates a file to a USB to use in BIOS, instead of using Win to update.. sigh of relief lol

But...... you'll need a Win computer to make the USB - maybe Wine can handle it.... Imma try.

(edit) Nope, just made another .exe in a folder in C:\ of my Wine.. still searching though.

alr I got a windows computer. Let me see if the bios needs a update.

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it found a update.

Hoping that holds the right things for your BIOS -- but:

I found this.. I'm uncertain of this working with yours though, but looks promising..

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