Hplip causing slow/delayed shutdown

So at first, I installed the hplip to make my hp ink tank printer work.
After that I get real slow shutdowns, which happens for like 2 mins.
I knew that it was caused by hplip, so then I Uninstaller it and it's now again shutting down like blitz.

Now the problem is that without hplip I cannot use my printer.

So help please!

Try reducing the time before an application or service is terminated for shutdown...[Quick Fix] Ubuntu 20.04 Takes Very Long to Shutdown - FOSTips

hplip is a standard HP-driver that is pre-installed on the system normally. At least that is 100% certain in Ubuntu (any recent version).

I would go for an approach that maybe installs a missing plugin for the printer .

sudo apt install hplip-gui

After install is finished open the HP setup tool and install any offered plugin for your printer. If no plugin is suggested use the other tool-options for upgrading the driver with the required code for that printer. If not recognized you need to download manually a new hplip-driver from the HP driver-site.

After the tests with the Tool of HP you can do

sudo apt remove hplip-gui

this will remove the rubbish from the computer, but does leave the plugin installed connected to the driver. HP sadly abuses a lot for commercial gain.

Anyhow if above does not work you need to install a new hplip-driver from HP.
First do;

sudo apt purge hplip -y

This will remove the OLD driver, and you are now ready to install the newest or latest version if this is required.
Again verify if there is a plugin foreseen for this printer of yours .... you'll never know. So scroll back to the top for a hplip-gui install. Purge the GUI when the plugin is installed in the NEW driver you just installed.

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Lmao , I still ran the printer after uninstall and it was still working fine without the slow shutdown. It was scanning and printing, then i tried print on both side which completely didnt work as it should have been so i reinstalled hplip and the gui to see if that makes any difference.
Then I saw print on both side completely greyed out and after searching in the toolbox the option seems to be not available for my computer. That was strange because in windows I used it without any problem.
But reinstalling that hplip and the gui hasn't yet slowed down the shut down process.
And is there any resolve to that both side printing?

Check in Settings/ Printer -- your printer entry -- select the gear near the name of the printer.
If there is such an option for recto verso printing it should be there offered.
If not, you'll have to check the HP-gui again if there is such an option in the Toolbox or in the plugin prompted.
If that is not the case, I fear the story is over for both sides printing.
My old and died OfficeJet from HP could perform such an action without flaws, but that printer/ scanner is more than 10 years old and died after a fuse blow.

Well then the story for both side printing is the end .

And sorry for your 10 year old printer RIP!

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