Hplip-gui asking for root password

Hi! Last time somehow i was able to fix the hplip issue but i formatted my os , so i am back at the starting again. This time i tried hplip-gui.

FIrstly , i downloaded latest hplip run file but it ended up giving me deps error of pyqt and one more. Then i tried hplip-gui with sudo apt install hplip-gui , installed and then i opened HPLIP Toolbox. It popped up for installing required drivers , i clicked yes and default options. After downloading file it started asking for root password. I never set root password.

I tried zorin , left it blank , my sudo user password but none worked.

Can someone tell me how to setup root password or what is the root password?

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This would be the same password you use to Log In and to elevate to Root using sudo.

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