Http:// server down! Help!

Hey Guys, First of all, A very happy and prosperous New Year to everybody on this Forum and May this New Year come with great happiness and success for you.

Well, I wanted to report a problem to Ubuntu Team or Canonical Team regarding a very important server downtime which is

I have been trying since yesterday to install and update few things from the Terminal but every time I try to do this, it shows me an error something like this-

Err:1 focal/main i386 libxtst6 i386 2:1.2.3-1
  Could not connect to (, connection timed out
E: Failed to fetch  Could not connect to (, connection timed out
E: Unable to fetch some archives, maybe run apt-get update or try with --fix-missing?

And when I start receiving this error for instance I tried to go the website myself but after infinite loading, it shows me Problem Connection Error while I have a very good Internet Connection I'm not able to access this server. So, I tried to check the link on and here are the results-

So, Kindly guide me that how to report this Server Down to Ubuntu or Canonical Team and how get support?
And it would be my humble request that people from this forum also report this issue to Canonical Team and support me, so it can be resolved as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Have a great day ahead.

What's the hurry? Wait a few days...the world won't end


I have an error to fix...
Screenshot from 2022-01-01 23-32-55

And this is what the error is

And don't you think it is good to aware Ubuntu or Canonical Team of the problem just in case they don't know? I think it's our responsibility to aware Ubuntu or Canonical teams of the problems we are facing so, they can act fast and others don't get affected by it. And btw, many businesses also use Zorin OS and what if they get some immediate order from their clients and they want to install a program then this issue would affect them and their clients resulting in delaying of their respective projects or work. Time is very crucial for businesses or somebody else.

I hope you understand my example.

The world might not be ending, but still time is ending and the deadlines as well.

Does this forum look like ubuntu ? Is the company from this forum called Canonical ? :thinking:.


That's why I need you help to find where I should I post my concern to Ubuntu or Canonical Teams


At least not here, use google and search for ubuntu forums



Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu and Ubuntu issues can therefor affect Zorin OS and Zorin OS users. If Zorin OS Users are affected by a server that Zorin OS relies on, this must be addressed.

If a server is down, most of us can only wait for the server to be brought back up online again.
I have just checked this server as of a couple of hours from the last post and it appears that this mirror is still down.
This mirror is Shiv Nadar University, located in India.
What you may try is ensuring that you are Set to Main Servers instead of the Local Regional servers in order to facilitate updates.
Open Software & Updates and under download from ensure you are set to "Main Server."
Reboot and then try fixing your broken packages:

sudo apt update && sudo apt --fix-broken install


Thanks Aravisian for providing support! You solved my problems in seconds, You really are the best and I can count on you always. Instead of mocking me like others you provided solution to the problem. Thanks Man, I don't have words to thank you... I've been dealing from this problem from 2 days and my other friends as well. Now the problem has been solved so we don't have worry anymore.
Thank you, once again.
Have a great day ahead.

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@MysteriousVampire I never can sayed bad words to @Aravisian
He is very kind to help and solve problems like another people here.

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