Huawei Laptop cannot detect sound card from Zorin 16.2

Made: Huawei Matebook D14
Model: NbB-WAH9Q
Config: NbB-WAH9EQ
GPU: Intel UHD620
CPU: Intel i5-10210U

This is the results. "Output Device: Dummy Output. "

Screenshot from 2022-11-03 23-34-14
Uploading: Soundcard info.JPG...

Please advice.

Bluetooth speaker is working, build in not working.

I think we have seen this No Sound issue somewhere before involving Hauwei laptop.

You may wish to widen your websearch search to Ubuntu 20.04 e.g. "Huawei Matebook D14 Sound Output Device: Dummy Output ubuntu 20.04"

As I expected there are several similar reports found, but no fix from what I have seen
so far.

If I find anthing that looks helpful, I will post here again.

EDIT: You could try a low cost USB soundcard/adapter and see if that gets around the problem.


The people trying many methods and no sound.
This is the same with mine.
I used usb adapter soundcard. snd-hda-intel. Something like that processor intel i5 10400F

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Type in search bar pulse audio volume control
go to that if its shows up right click on bar untill you come to configuration
in the drop down menu select analogue stereo duplex
then try that
it worked for me on a dell that was getting dummy output
other that that mint mate worked on my dell out of the box, only ubuntu based that does

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Ok,ok I will look forward to it. Thks ya.

No it doesn't show up anything... even try alsamixer, no respond.

Worst come to worst, i used only bluetooth speaker. at least this path is working so far. thks everyone for good suggestion. Lucky bluetooth is working, more important functions.

I did test on my old desktop, bluetooth is not working due to bluetooth do not support linux, after change to linux support type, it works.

OMG, after try to fix it, now i end up, bluetooth speaker also not functioning. Is there are way to reinstall the software or reset back to original status?

i rather live with using bluetooth speaker will do.

Which guide did you follow so you lost bluetooth speaker?

Can you check


for if it has been muted.

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I had a similar issue to this.

You could try upgrading your kernel to version 6.0.

WARNING: Upgrading the kernel is super risky. It can make your PC unbootable. Please DO NOT proceed if you don't feel comfortable with this.

Back up your data, then type the following in the terminal:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:cappelikan/ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install -y mainline

And install kernel 6.0 from there and reboot. Make sure you keep the old kernel in case kernel 6.0 doesn't work for you.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you disable Secure Boot in your computer's BIOS before upgrading the kernel as this is unsigned.

You may need to run sudo apt --fix-broken install in the terminal after rebooting.

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Is confusing, but lastly, I format the whole drive and to install only Zorin Pro 16.2. Now the bluetooth comes back to work. I will not try to connect the laptop speaker anymore. to be safed.

I think my laptop is using basic speaker, the sound do not have any quality, therefore it has no specific driver build in, so it can only support window just like my old desktop, which i have to use quality bluetooth that support linux to function. I will connect with bluetooth speaker when i need it.

My advice is to not tried on my laptop model. i have tried too many way till i lost my only bluetooth connection.

By the way, do back up before trying to try something new. I just face whole messy of reinstalling. Lucky i done it, but i lost my new window 11 OS from Huawei

Huawei have hidden recovery with operating system.
Taken research on Titus Tech he have video how create back a recovery partition with windows 11.
There is guide and video instruction.

If you logged in using a microsoft account, it supposedly automatically links your windows key to the account so you can activate your account again after re-installation
Although i have never done this before so i can't provide any additional help or personally vouch that it'll work,you can try looking into that..

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