Husband is now using Zorin!

My husband was getting upset with how Windows (10) was (mis) managing video streaming. It seemed that every time he wanted to watch something Windows was running something in the background which chopped up the streaming. I had him watch something on my Zorin laptop which had him ready to switch. I set up my previous laptop with Zorin and as I was sure he would like with additional software. It was instant appreciation and NO streaming issues since.

Hooray (and thanks!) Zorin!!!


Zorin is great for something like this. Much more performance efficient than Windows especially overtime.

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Congrats on making a successful transition! Make sure to point out there is always some learning curve when using something new, as most frustration comes from the little things that "just worked on Windows". But I'm sure you already have this covered.

Windows is always running something in the background :man_detective:

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The fan does not lie. When it spins up to take-off power you know something is running in the background. Then you start to dread a time consuming Windows Update :cry:

Isn't it nice to download and install updates when you want to, not when they want to.


For sure a learning curve must be taken into account! I remember how frustrating it was to even learn (years back) Windows after working with Edlin (DOS) when I first worked on computers. The difficult thing is that we have gotten sooooo 'spoiled' with no-thought operating systems :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.


You got it Zab!!

Windows Update is what made me decide in the first place that I was totally done with Windows.

I had been using Linux as my primary OS for years before that since like 2006 or 2007 but OMG Windows Update on Windows 8 was absolutely nuts.

Now I use Linux as my main OS, Mac as my backup, and I keep Win10 in a virtual machine for the very rare occassions I need it.

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I just put Zorin on a 2011 era laptop which I originally put Linux Mint . It was always sluggish on Mint . Did some searching and came up with Zorin and I installed it instead of mint and what a difference . This 12 year old laptop runs like new and even the 12 year old wireless adapter is fast . Zorin is a lot better than Mint and seems easier to use also even though they are both supposed to be based on Ubuntu . Glad I found Zorin .


I have the same experience behind me.

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Hooray for you ggviper! I echo your experience about Zorin not only being easier (than Mint) but faster too. (Me thinks the geek programmers are getting wiser by the update - lol)

Welcome to the forum and looking forward to reading more as you share your experiences.

I bet that is what most of us would say too!

same, i have an old laptop from when I was

Same, I have an old laptop from 2015 that I put Zorin OS lite on, it works will. It has 2GB ram, an Intel Celeron cpu and works find with linux.

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I just converted a couple of Acer C740 Chromebooks to Zorin 16 Lite by following this excellent video. Just substitute a Zorin install USB stick for the Windows one shown in the video.


Did you introduce him to the vacuum and dishwasher too...???
Just kidding with you. It was a joke.

It's funny how many windows users can be surprised by how well linux works as opposed to windows. If they only knew what happens in the background....

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Hubby learned years back that the handle on the vacuum is unisex! LOL!! We are a DIY household - have build a house together, fenced 40 acres and I split firewood right along side him. The 'no joke' remark we settled on many years ago was that he cleans the toilets because he views the inside of the bowl while I never see it . . .

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