I am having difficulty installing zorin

I'm a windows user.
I want to enter the linux world, for zorin.

I created a bootable flash drive with the Universal USB installer. I booted from the flash drive.
Right at the start, I get that list (like DDOS). I hope to finish. But as soon as it finishes, the monitor goes black, with nothing. Is it really like that? Do I have to wait?

I would like some help. I can't install zorin!

Thank you in advance!

Hi @MarioJorge. Welcome to the forum. Installation can be a hassle, especially if you haven't taken the necessary steps to prepare for it. Have you looked over and performed the recommended steps in the following post:


Did you check the iso files hash sum, too ensure it wasn't corrupted or incomplete?

If you search this forum you will find many posts regarding this issue, along with their solutions.


Checking the SHA256 checksum hash is always step #1, after downloading any ISO. Because if the ISO file is corrupted in any way, will make installation a nightmare.

To be honest, I forgot all about the Universal USB installer tool, man its been awhile! We usually recommend RUFUS or Unetbootin for Windows users. But I am sure the Universal USB Installer is fine.

I just thank goodness you didnt' use the Balena Etecher! The next thing you want to do is go into your computer's BIOS, which is usually done by the DELETE key, but sometimes is the F2 key, while your booting the computer from a shutoff state.


Usually its press F10 to save changes and exit, once you have done that.

In the installation medium itself once you've booted into the USB installer, and go to install Zorin OS, there is a box that says install 3rd party drivers and software, you want to make sure you put a checkmark in there, especially if you have a dedicated GPU in your machine.

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