I am new to Zorin OS. I am very happy!

I have recently purchased Zorin OS 17 pro, and am very happy. I have read some posts that people feel that paying to upgrade within a few months is a bit of a burden. I can only speak in British pounds. I spent 48 pounds on my new OS. 8 pounds of that was VAT that went to the British govt. I don't think that 48 pounds is too much to pay for such an easy OS to use. I might not upgrade to v18 pro when it comes out, but at least v17 will be supported for a few years. At least Zorin OS is a lot better and significantly cheaper than Windows 11!


This is a finely crafted point. The OS is supported and good for five years, not 18 or fewer months.

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In addition, no spyware gets installed as it is not Microsoft!



Same here! I installed Zorin 17 Core on my 6 year old laptop today, to take a look at it before committing to purchasing the Pro version. It's early days but so far, everything just seems to work and I'm very impressed. Great work :+1:

It's good to see so many new users posting positive comments and echoing my own feelings, and I view the cost of the Pro version as a thoroughly deserved development-funding donation :slightly_smiling_face:

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I am very glad to hear that you love using the operating system!

Yeah, I get the feeling. Not everyone would spend money to upgrade their operating system. I mean, just take a look at how much Microsoft charges you for WIndows 11 Pro! It's the same price as a HomePod Mini in the US! And on that note, Zorin OS Pro is not the only paid distro. Even Elementary OS costs money (not much, since it's pay-what-you-can software).

I mean, since it's based on Ubuntu (LTS releases), it will be supported in the same 5-year lifespan. So that too makes the switch worth it all.

Yeah, it is a lot better, although I would still use Windows for video editing and coding. But for personal stuff, Zorin is my type. As for the pricing, Zorin OS is free (which makes the significantly cheaper words a lot of sense) and not the Pro version (which, like you said, is $48). I also don't like how even though you could get Windows 11 for free, you would still pay for a product key, which sucks, since I never encountered it the first time I used Ubuntu.

Despite all of these, I wish you a pleasant time under the limelight of dawn ("Zorin" in Croatian). Thanks for choosing Zorin!

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yes i like zorin, too.
many update in windows 11.... make the day crazy.

at linux sytems i can control alone the updates.
now i found zorin and i feel good and can relax :star_struck:

greetings marzipan

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Me too but I really just came here to like your post based on title alone. :fist_left: