I am thinking of changing to some other os any recommendation?

i am thinking of changing to some other linux distro any recommendations. I would prefer it being a debian or ubuntu based one fedora is also not a problem but the ones like opensuse and arch i would like to stay away from those for now

i will say try pop os, elementary and linux mint those are my favorite after zorin


Apart from Zorin, I run MXLinux (Debian base) and Mint Cinnamon (Ubuntu base) and Mint Debian edition (Debian base).

They are all good OSs with a long history and a substantial user base.


I did not like elementary at all but i will try the others

i will try mx linux but i am not a big cinnamon fan

MXLinux uses XFCE. There are also option of KED and Fluxbox.

Mint XFCE is also very good.
That is what my daughter-in-law is using.


If your going to change distro's, I also recommend POP OS


i have tried pop and i liked it but why is it using 6 gigs of ram on your system

how about vanilla ubuntu is it more resource intensive than zorin i do have a laptop so i dont have a powerful processor thats why i am asking this

Two reasons!

(1) Gnome

(2) Uptime 13 days. You think that is bad? Wait till you see this!

Basically, the more days of sustained running, the more RAM Gnome uses. Of course Chrome uses a fair amount running that browser. And of course, if I do any production work or gaming, that takes more RAM too. Which is the very reason why I have 32GB of it, you can never have enough.

Now, you might understand, why I wish to install Zorin OS 16 LITE on my 2nd NVME drive, once that OS is finally released. Because I think we all know, XFCE uses less RAM, usually around 1.2GB at idle usage.

oh restarting my pc actually does make it faster

It will be more resource hungry, since just like any Ubuntu derivatives, Zorin is a bug fixed Ubuntu :wink:


:wink: zorin has some bugs too but my cousin uses ubuntu and she hasnot faced any of the issues i have faced with zorin thats why i asked

I freaking hate Ubuntu, straight Ubuntu is ugly, boring, has no life to it, no soul, and is buggier then then house flies in your home.


Way less than GNOME based Ubuntu.
(I see its evolution since Ubuntu 8.0).
That is why I am here, not there :slight_smile:


So as Fedora.
(ducking quick)


I rather wear Fedora on my head, then tip my hat saying hello to you my queen :girl:

I tell ya, some Linux distro's have some really strange names. Then next Ubuntu release is gonna be Jammy Jellyfish.

Yeah sure, I like to spread some jammy jellyfish on my sandwhitch in the afternoon. :sandwich:

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Ferora is a traditional Spanish hat.
It is a free version of Redhat Linux.
Go figure :wink:


It is not a distro, but I still think DeadBeef music player is the king of the strange names.


Pop!_os runs on another one of my SSDs, with Zorin 16 Pro on the other. I like the concept of the COSMIC desktop, but it's 90's 'decor' and logo are passé.