I Apologise for My Inappropriate Behaviour

Dear Everyone,
I am creating this post to apologise for all the negative remarks I made about @Aravisian. I clearly wasn’t thinking. I now realize that what I wrote was very offensive. I acted like a provocateur in a public forum and that was very wrong and in a way I violated the forum's decorum and the forum guidelines.

It was never my intention to cause anyone distress. Looking back, however, I can clearly see that I didn’t think things through before I decided to post my argument. I want to say I respect everyone in here and as a person who aims to be a good human being, it was rather a cheap way to win a debate..

My behavior is inexcusable. Yet, I hope that @Aravisian and everyone else whom I have hurt, forgive me because I was in a state of stress and depression when I was posting my argument and that made me overlook my mistake. I really feel awful about it and I will make sure that I don't repeat such kind of behaviour again.

I have decided not to leave the forum because now that I think of it, I realise that it would just worsen the situation here. Instead I want to help people more often as a way to make amends. I offer a peace offering to you all and @Aravisian especially.

Thank you.

Your Sincerely,



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What I find interesting in this; which a quick search will quickly reveal; is that you are not alone in stepping up and making a public apology. Another member has had to do this repeatedly due to his hard head having great difficulty in not only overcoming the human bias, but also in it taking that hard head a bit of time for the lesson to sink in. That member is me... And... I think we can all suspect... In the future I will probably have to make a thread doing it yet, again...

Welcome to being human, engaging in Social Interactions. It is inevitable that as a group of people gather and discuss, misunderstandings, assumptions, biases and mistakes on all sides will take place. But the most important thing is to recognize them. I do, too. Which is why I felt it important if you needed a thread reopened to support your evidence.

That's Honor. You earn respect. :slight_smile:


Haha wholesome moment

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Now, is we or isn't we aint emmenies?


Uhhh...If you are asking that we are still friends or not. then be assured that I am.


Burying the axe of the war is way to a peace.
Better late than never. Shaked hands and forgived.


Bout time you two...:grin:

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