I Broke the Panel, Here's How

Hello everyone. I'm not here to ask for help, since I've already completely reinstalled Zorin OS Lite. But I thought this feedback would be useful to the developers.

My panel (taskbar) isn't showing anymore. Here is what I think I did to break it:

I opened the software centre on Zorin, clicked on the blue icon on the top left of the screen, clicked on the "other software" tab, and then clicked "Canonical Partners". Following this I opened a terminal and entered

sudo apt update; sudo apt upgrade

I then restarted my computer and upon logging in, my panel (taskbar) is nowhere to be seen. I have no ability to enable or disable it, and the panel settings do not do anything.

I went into the software centre and unselected "Canonical Partners", assuming that might've broke it, but after restarting, the panel was still missing.

I was unfortunately not able to find a reliable solution to the issue online, and decided to reinstall the OS from scratch.


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On gnome (me) panel package is gnome-shell-extension-zorin-panel. Should be something similar on Lite. Easiest way is use Synaptic to locate the installed package -> Right click -> Install/Reinstall.

sudo apt install --reinstall xfce4-panel

(For future reference)


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Thanks, I'll bare that in mind if it happens again.

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