I can convert two partitions into one

/dev/sda2 + /dev/sda1 = make it one partition

It isn't possible because sda3 is in the middle.

thin how i can move it. like minitool partition wizard in windows

Moving partitions, especially ones with operating systems or lots of files in them, is generally a Bad Idea™ and can very easily lead to data loss and corruption.

You also can't move partitions when there's no free space around them.

If you really need to do this, the best option would probably be:

  1. if sda2 is empty, or otherwise after copying everything off it to another drive, delete it
  2. move sda3 and sda1 to the left into the empty space where sda2 used to be
  3. resize sda1 to fill the rest of the drive.


Modifying partitions is at your own risk, never attempt it if you have important things which are not backed up or if you don't want to risk losing everything in all partitions and having to reinstall and reconfigure your system from scratch.

1- don't worry its empty partitions . i want to ues it for duol boot

this is what i got when i try to move the middle partiton

Is the partition you're trying to move the operating system you're currently using to modify your partitions? Because you can't do that.

You need to boot an OS on a different drive than the one with the partitions you're modifying / moving. The Zorin ISO will do if you still have it on USB, otherwise use GPartEd Live.

I recommend flashing a USB stick with Ventoy and copying ISO files onto it for tools like Super Grub2 Disk and GPartEd, plus a couple of Linux distributions including the one you daily drive just in case it ever dies and you need to reinstall.