I cannot download Windows App Support

Hello yall, i'm a new Zorin OS user, i REALLY LOVE this operative system. I have only one problen, on the "Software" app, when i try to download Windows App Support, it gives me an error, saying sometingh like this:"it's nesessary to run dpkg --configure -a " but when try to write "dpkg --configure -a" in the cmd it doesn't give me anything. Can someone help me?

You need to run it as superuser

sudo dpkg --configure -a
sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
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It was going to be my suggestion, too, then I read your message :smile:. Interesting how GNOME Software discards sudo, don't developers have to specify it?

you must always run commands with sudo except if you want to run a application in the terminal

sudo should only be used when necessary.

An example: if you create a folder with sudo this folder will not be accessible in the graphical interface via File Manager due to lack of permissions.

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