I can't access to HDD

Few months ago I installed Zorin OS on SSD and HDD during installation I assigned as home and formated as ext4. Today I deleted content from SSD and installed Zorin OS. HDD I selected as home.

After the installation I can't access to HDD content. When I open disks Zorin OS recoginze HDD but when I try to access it with file manager I can't open the content.

Can you right click on your Home folder (davidmts) and check the file permission?
If this drive is carried over from you previous installation, you need to set a correct permission for the current installation to be able to access it.

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I done as you said and still I don't have access

My Home directory has a slightly different permission from yours for the last 2 items.
Access : access only
Others Access: access only

Are you using XFCE or GNOME desktop?

If you are using XFCE file manager (Thunar) you can try opening the directory as a Root to check if all files are there.

If you are using GNOME file manager (Nautilus), you need to install this function as follows in terminal:
sudo apt install nautilus-admin

nautilus -q

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I opened the HDD.
I clicked on Home button and went folder up

There is the folder davidhome when home was selected to be on HDD.

What should I do when next time during OS installation that when I click home button to open directly content on HDD?

I think you have to make sure that you set your /home directory on this HDD you want to use during the installation.

For the simplicity, I usually keep the default home directory in a default location. I keep all my music and picture/video in a separate large capacity SSD and access to it as I need. In this scenario, I am spared from making any changes for each OS changes.

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