I can't change hotcorner plugin icon

i'm using hotcorner plugin, it's very good , i use it for xfdashboard, show deskop, and show taskmenu.
i'm asking about a way to disappear icon of hot-corner from panel( i don't mean remove it), i mean change icon to plank icon(may be dark icon, or sperator , or small icon). i have searched about that, i found other talk about video display.svg, i tried that on hicolor icon theme , but not worked

The best method is to create a copy of the icon theme you are using in your ~/.icons directory.
The system will default to checking your Home directory first. Then it will check /usr/share/icons
This allows you to have faster access and no need to worry about permissions or making changes in root. It is easier to undo changes.

How did you install the plugin?

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i needed to that package to complete install the plugin:
sudo apt-get install -y libnotify-dev

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Thanks. The github page confirmed that the icon used is the video-display icon. This may be .png or .svg.
It should be located in the Devices directory of the icon theme.

[Xfce Panel]
Comment=Allow users to set AfterDark-like hot corner actions
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it seem that theme which i use(sweet-purple-filled) depend on breeze theme for hotcorner icon(video-display.svg), so i found it in breeze theme and change it with the new one /usr/share/icons/breeze/devices/64

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