I Can't Find MangoHud

Hi. So I installed MangoHud (i.e. MSI Afterburner for Ubuntu).

I tried building it and installing it under "Source", and "GitHub releases" sections.
Every time, it said MangoHud installed.
But I can't find it, and therefore, I can't open or run it.
It's not in /usr/share/applications.

P.S. Was I supposed to read all the text in Terminal?
I didn't because I tried restarting my pc, but I still can't find it.

I tried this:

And this:

aticonfig --odgc --odgt

Still nothing.

I wanna see GPU CPU RAM VRAM and disk usage and temps all the time
(it can be from a different app(s)).
Because I don't know why Kdenlive video editor is lagging at low CPU usage.
Also, I want to see PC specs after an app crashes, and just in general.

I use Conky for that, but you can also use Psensor.

I can't get Conky to work. If I can, it would at least show me disk usage (maybe an HDD is the bottleneck?). Still not sure how to see GPU usage, tho.

I used this article to install it:

But when I typed this:

sudo apt-get install conky-manager

I got this:
Reading state information... Done
E: Unable to locate package conky-manager

See attachment:

And I can't find the Conky app, even after restarting my PC.

But still nothing.

I tried:

But the AppImage won't open.
And I don't know how to do this part:

I already use Psensor, but it doesn't show Disk usage or GPU usage afaik.

You can open Software & Updates from your app menu, then move to the "Other software" tab. Remove the TeeJee2008 repo for conky-manager; it does not work.

Then, in terminal, add this repository:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mark-pcnetspec/conky-manager-pm9

Then, install conky manager. Conky without the manager is initialized from the terminal; so the Manager gives much greater control.

sudo apt install conky-manager

The TeeJee conky's that come with installing "conky-all" should provide what you need- However, we can custom create a conky just for you.

Thanks. But I just realized conky only shows disk space available.
Is there a way to show disk read/write/whatever speeds in % or MB/s? (sorry if I was unclear b4).

And also GPU usage (ideally in %)?
The Nvidia thing doesn't work (probably since my GPU's a Radeon).

Windows had both, afaik.
(I think disk speed was always at 100% in Windows 10 on my old laptop).

Yes, as I said, we can custom make a conky for your needs.
Let me spend a few minutes making one- Please post Everything you want on it in One List following this post.

When you open Conky Manager; There is an icon on the toolbar for Settings. This is your positioning settings (It will automatically change the positioning in the conky file for you). I will set the conky position to Middle-middle 0,0 - Then you can adjust the position as you need. If you run the conky and it does not appear; change the position until it does. Sometimes, they run off screen...

Wow thanks!

What I want (starting with most important):

  • disk read/write/etc speed in % of max speed

  • GPU usage in % of max usage

  • RAM usage, and not free RAM available (either GB or % is fine)

  • CPU usage as %, for each core and thread if possible.

  • graphs like in Psensor. That way, if an app crashes or lags while I'm not paying attention to Conky, I can see: oh, CPU was at 100% when that happened. Or Disk was trying to read/write at 100%.

  • option to turn off/on any (in case there's too many)

  • If possible, have it as a transparent overlay on top of everything and I can click through it. (with outline around the letters, since that's easiest to read on any similar-colour backgrounds afaik).

Given the amount of monitoring you want in one conky - this thing will be huge if it includes graphs. And by huge, I mean impossible.
However, I can make Progress Bar style graphs.

in addition, the TeejEe Conky's that come with Conky-all install include Large Graphs. If you are like me, you may run several conky's at once.
In the meantime, let me see what I can make and if it meets your needs.
I will post it here as a text you can copy and paste into a new textfile- then just save it as a unique name so you can easily identify it in your Conky Manager.

Edit: Can it also list top few apps using most CPU/RAM, and also show total CPU/RAM usage as % please?
(I noticed Conky doesn't show total CPU/RAM usage when listing top 5 apps).

What do you mean by progress bar style graphs?

Edit: I was thinking a bunch of graphs stacked on top of each other, like in Psensor. But if you can't do that or it's too much work, don't worry about it.

I cannot make it so you can Turn On or Off functions of the conky- it follows a singular script. For this, you would need more than one conky.
What color should text be? Do you use Light wallpapers? Dark wallpapers?
You can also put a background image in the conky, to keep it consistently visible, no matter what wallpaper you use.
Is this going on a Notebook or tower PC?

I'm gonna go with orange text, no background, since the main apps I use are dark-grey.
It's for a tower PC.

The forum software resists the code so... Can you try this:


Thanks! I was able to edit an existing code and paste in yours.

I'm a bit confused tho:

  • At the bottom where it says [ 0B k/s ] up and down, is this the internet upload and download speeds? Because they're always 0, even while downloading a file.
  • is disk IO the read/write speed? I just want to make sure because it says B or KiB, and not B/s or KiB/s. I'm not familiar with disk IO terminology.
  • were you able to add in GPU usage?

Also, I noticed that RAM usage in ZorinOS Lite Task manager is quite different from RAM usage in both Psensor and your Conky code. Why is this?

  • e.g. Task Manager says 2.2 GiB/5.8 GiB used
  • your code says 5.67 Gib/5.8GB used ie 98% used,
  • Psensor says 2% Ram available (so, same as Conky)

Also, is there a website with a list of indicators that I can try adding to the code you wrote?

Thanks again!

You can use ifconfig in terminal to determine your Net ID. I set the conky to mine, in order to ensure everything worked.
So, the file you have should say wlp2s0; you will need to change that to yours. If you are using Wifi or Cat5; use your identifier.

I/O is Input Output.

You would need to know Your Specific Graphics card - Nvidia or integrated.
I will paste a line for Nvidia here that perhaps you can adjust as needed:

${exec nvidia-settings -tq GPUUtilization | awk -F '[,= ]' '{ print $2 }'}%

You can also run

man conky

in terminal to open the manual for conky to find the line arguments.

I use the commands $memperc% and $/mem/memmax followed with a breakdown of memory usage per application as I find it to be more accurate. Others may use memutils, instead.


Thanks so much!
Can Conky show gpu usage for Radeon graphics cards? I couldn't find "Radeon" or "AMD" in either the manual or the internet link.

I am not sure, really... You might try

${execi 5 radeontop -d- -l1 | grep -o ‘gpu [0-9]{1,3}’ | cut -c 5-7 }%

It doesn't work. Oh well.
Thanks so much for doing this for me!

I am not an expert with conky; but we can search the net and see if we can find an argument that will make conky do what you require.

Hi. So 1 month later, I found out how to open Radeontop from this article:

I had to type this in the terminal:
radeontop -c

Lol. Not sure why I didn't just do this before.

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