I can't get apps to open

GDLauncher and Badlion Client are the two apps I can't get to open. I'm guessing it could be because they are AppImages?

The weird thing is, no error ever pops up. It just doesn't do anything. I did search online before making this post and found something stating AppImages broke because a library(I guess) called FUSE was missing. They recommended me installing it, but it was already there, and it didn't fix the issue.

What can I try doing next?
Best regards, Nyxw

Try this:

sudo apt install libfuse2

And also make sure the AppImage is executable (Right Click > Properies > Permissions).

It gave me this:


And I just verified and yes, the AppImage is executable:


Try using this?

I am using it. Same thing keeps happening with or without that

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