I can't login as root

Hello everyone. I've been having this problem for a while. When I want to login as root in terminal, I get wrong password. I did not change the password. I wanted to change the password with the command "sudo passwd root" I changed it. But then when I want to log in I get the same thing. In addition, I get the image that I share below. I hope you can help me. Thank you

Why are you trying to login as root? You can do everything from your user account using sudo because it is automatically added to the sudoer file (most of the time if everything is installed and configured as it is supposed to be).

Firefox starts a thread (process) for just about every extension that is installed (or ones that call for it). This is normal. You have 8GB of RAM or 12? It is normal for Linux systems to reserve what is needed for the OS, and of course, Gnome reserves it's RAM. So it leaves only so much, and that is what is shown. I have 32GB of RAM, but only 30.78 is shown available.


Hi how are things.
I don't care about memory. What had me worried is that this poster would come out and I thought that it was something that was wrong. In another forum they have told me not to care, because in the end I was able to enter as root (despite the warning).
Also thank you very much for answering.

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