I cant login on epicgamees

its same for alternative login

.py That is something with python.
Did you have installing a python?In terminal put command
python --version
What epic installation you used or webbrowser or some lutris,bottle?o trying reinstall epic

You can get Heroic Games Launcher as a
.deb package

Which method did you use to install?

From software

I install heroic games launcher from software, webbrowser firefox

In Software Store, can you go to the installed app page for HGL and look at the Source at the bottom?

Its says: snapcraft.io

There was apparently a hotfix for this issue.

I recommend removing the snap version using the Software Store.

Then use the .deb package:

As this version notes inclusion of the fix.


thank you but i think i try like this and its says its not supported but im not sure ill try it again

THANK YOU BRO its woriking tysm <333

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