I can't open Tor Browser on Zorin 17.1 pro

I download Tor Browser from their website. But when i click on its icon it opens a text file. How can i solve this issue?

Which format did you download? You need a .deb for ubuntu 22.04 if possible.

I downloaded it from Tor website. And the file is a ".desktop" file.

If the desktop file looks like a document file you need to right-click it, select Properties, then choose pemissions and allow to run as a trusted program/executable.

I installed Tor with flatpak. Install Tor Browser Launcher on Linux | Flathub

You don't need Flathub to install Tor. You can use the same process I used to install Firefox from a tarball:

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I solved the issue using terminal. In Tor folder, right click and click "open in terminal." After you open the terminal, write this code:


And Tor opens.