I can't open web.whatsapp.com URL links directly from the browser (xdg-open)

Hi, guys, in my workflow I normally use several browsers, but I cannot open chat links on WhatsApp Web directly from the browsers. I get a XDG-OPEN pop-up to open chat in a store app

Example with Vivaldi

However, it is not interesting for me to open these links through a store application, the ideal would be to open them directly from the browsers I use.

I've already tried using Vivaldi, Brave, Opera, Chrome, Ungoogled Chromium and the only exception that works as I would like is Firefox.

It is important to mention that Firefox is already installed by default on the system and does not open this pop-up

Example with Firefox

I wish all browsers worked like Firefox. It's possible?

Example Firefox vs Vivaldi

You only need to set the Browser that you are using as the default to handle the Whatsapp action. For example:
For Vivaldi
xdg-mime default vivaldi-stable.desktop 'x-scheme-handler/whatsapp'
Or for Chrome
xdg-mime default google-chrome.desktop 'x-scheme-handler/whatsapp'

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This didn't work. The change was made to the mimeapps.list file but the pop-up continues to appear.

I also believe that determining a default browser would not be the definitive solution, as I use many browsers every day. Ideally, the chat links would open in a new tab of the same browser I'm using, whatever it is.

@baltar , to be brutally honest... That is on you.
You are engaging in an unusual behavior by using multiple different browsers every day.
Your application defaults are a steady thing across your Operating System. Your default file manager, your default text editor... If you cannot settle on a default application, then you cannot use a default application.

It should work - Do you also have Whatsapp installed on your computer as a stand-alone application? If so, then it may be set as the priority default application to launch the whatsapp chat.

A computer is just an unthinking programmed machine. It cannot dynamically recognize and adapt to you changing applications repeatedly throughout the day and do the thinking for you.

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I understand your point. I'm new to Linux and I bring this experience from Windows that I used previously.
There I didn't have any application for WhatsApp, whatever browser I was in, when accessing the conversation chats through the links, the system automatically identified that there was no specific application for this function and the browser gave me the option to continue via the web. whatsapp.com in a new tab.

A minha intenção não seria alterar o navegador padrão a todo tempo, mas de alguma forma fazer com que todos os navegadores que uso não busquem um aplicativo para abrir os links do whatsapp, que eles abram por eles mesmo pelo web.whatsapp.com

And again, I'm new to Linux and I can't say if the system can do this.

Quick question: are you able to right-click on the link and select open in a new tab?


This should also happen in GnuLinux.
If you have Whatsapp installed, however, it may try to preempt the browser, so please do check if you have it installed.
You might read some tips here:

The last suggestion on that page is the one that we have already tried.

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Yes, but the new tab repeats the chat link with the option "join the conversation", it would be great if when opening a new tab in this way the redirection was to Web Whatsapp.

Thanks man, I'll check if there's anything useful.

I think the easiest solution is to choose an app from the store to use or simply copy the chat link and send it to myself in a conversation on whatsapp.web and access it there

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