I can't select option "same image on both screens". Zorin 0s 16.2 lite version

I installed zorin os. When connecting the second screen, the option "same image on both screens" is in dark gray and I can't select it. How to fix it? The orange arrow points the option. I did a bit of research and using xrandr forced to show the same picture on both screens. The problem is that my PC resolution is more lover than tv screen resolution. And then the main screen overlays at the tv screen. So is there any way to make it work properly? I didn't face this problem on mint mate so i believe there is some way to make it work.

Gday @mike0074 , Welcome to the community!

Try opening "Software Updater" Click "Settings" at the bottom,
Goto "Additional Drivers" see if you have an LG/related driver if so make sure it's selected.

Then run the Updater,, restart & try again.

With relation to the resolution/mirror option may be adjustable after the update/restart.

Hope this may help.
Keep us informed.

If this doesn't help,
Please provide your machine spec's
SSD/HDD size:

Dual boot or clean install.?

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