I can't uninstall telegram from my zorin core

good morning group i am a windows user and i wanted to try the zorin os but i ran into a problem i wanted to uninstall a program for example telegram deskopt and i get this error can someone tell me how to fix it?

cannot remove "<telegram desktop"
the following packages have unmet dependencies

How did you install Telegram?

If you used the Software store, on the Telegram page in the store, check the sources - Whether the source is Zorin (APT), Flatpak or Snap.

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Welcome to the Zorin Community!

You may have already grasped the hint from Aravisian and even fixed your own problem. My contribution below is also for me to further/better my understanding, as well as for any others that happen on by.

I think what Aravisian is trying to get at is that there are different ways to uninstall Flatpaks and Snaps compared to the Advanced Package Tool (APT).

For instance:
Flatpak: flatpak uninstall org.telegram.desktop
Snap: sudo snap remove telegram-desktop
APT: sudo apt remove telegram-desktop

Feel free to haunt me if I'm wrong about any of this @Aravisian :ghost:

I noticed in your screenshot that when you tried to uninstall Telegram Desktop, an error seemed to pop up that informs you there are unmet dependencies which caused the removal to fail. With that in mind, I've put together a few options below that you might try using to fix this type of error.

  1. Try to figure out what the unmet dependencies are by running command:
    apt-cache depends telegram-desktop --no-recommends --no-suggests

    • Then, either install the dependency package with the command below and then try to uninstall Telegram Desktop again.
      sudo apt install <insert-package-name-here>

    ... OR...

  • After using option 1 above to identify that package which uninstalling seems to require, you could also try running the command:
    sudo apt remove --ignore-depends=<insert-package-name-here> telegram-desktop
  1. Another way might involve trying to re-install Telegram Desktop along with any recommended packages that are not already installed.
    sudo apt --reinstall --install-recommends install telegram-desktop

  1. As a last resort scenario you could try running the command below, though I've never used it and can't say for sure that it actually works:
    sudo apt-get remove --no-deps <insert-package-name-here>

    • Note: logic dictates that this should remove the telegram-desktop package while ignoring any unmet dependencies related to it. Although, there seems to be a little bit of confusion found online whether this will break any other packages that also rely on that dependency; like library files, for instance. Perhaps Aravisian or another could confirm this actually is the case or not. :wink:

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