I get an error when I use sudo now

So basically I was messing with some permissions stuff on the root folder in order to change the grub boot order, but I probably messed up something I shouldn't have, and now I can't use sudo.

It looks like you may have manually edited that file.
I'd suggest using visudo moving forward
in the interim I believe running
sudo chmod 0644 /lib/sudo/sudoers.so
You may need to do that as root if you are unable to update with sudo
su - root
then run it again.

Well I don't think the issue is the boot order anymore, my issue is that sudo just doesn't work. I need to know if there's like a way to reset to defaults or something

Gday @ZynikaEDM ,

Try running this:

apt install sudo

Then re-apply this to the users name.

usermod -aG sudo "username"

without the (" ") Marks

If this doesn't help please show the result of;

ls -l /etc/sudoers

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