I had no problems installing it

thought some positive feedback helps.
i installed Core 16 and then Pro 16

no issues so far <3


Danke Lukas, Thanks to hear this, I myself do not have too many problems with Zorin, or any other "easy" distro.

It's good thing to hear that users has zero issues after installing Zorin (or any other distro). I am really amazed how linux has grown over the years and work out of the box without installing drivers like windows has.

For me my laptop worked fine out of the box and ran great with Zorin OS 16 on it. The only thing i had to do was installing alsa-tools-gui (hdajackretask) to get my sound working better (it used subwoofer only and the speakers where turned off, pin override fixed it). Not a major issue at all.

My wifes laptop did have issues because microsoft killed her wifi card duo those awesome windows updates. I bought her a new wifi stick but it was not supported for Linux. I took the risk and managed to get it to work with drivers from github. Her sd card reader had issues too out of the box, it detected normal sd cards but not the sdxc 128gb card. I managed to get that to work too using some github drivers.

In the end it was not to much trouble, some sadly do have issues but i hope these problems will get fixed too sooner or later for them.

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