I Hate Zorin too

Recently I tried a bunch of linux distro's and bought the zorin pro also. I did not like the buggy software apps and nothing I download work Perfectly. Windows is better than Linux, My apps atleast worked regardless of the bloat. Also my WiFi dies everytime I turn bluetooth on. what is this, huh?

All users of any OS can experience issues that need troubleshooting, whether Windows OS, Mac OS or Linux distributions.
And Wifi is notroious across all operating systems. In Windows, you might open Device Manager and seek a new driver using an automated tool that is not very verbose and will only tell you if one is available or not. Perhaps you open the Windows network connection troubleshooter and... It runs while telling you nothing. If that doesn't work, you are often left at a loss trying to find out what went wrong.

If you experience issues like Wifi, please start a thread requesting help.

I also do not like the Software Store. While most users do not have trouble with it, when it is troublesome, it goes above and beyond...

I personally consider the Software store to be more like a Stepping Stone. It is a means to an end; it helps introduce the user even if after a bit of learning curve, they opt for a Better Package Manager.

Which many of us do. A large portion of us prefer and use Synaptic Package Manager if using a GUI tool for installation of and uninstalling of software.
I rarely use it, preferring the terminal for all such operations.

This statement is vague. If you clarify it, maybe we can sort out what the trouble was.

I recommend you contact the ZorinGroup using the contact information included in your choice of Zorin OS Pro. They may be able to help correct your unhappy purchase.


Done enough talking, I am done using Linux. Windows is Better.

Certainly, that is your choice. In the meantime, I have removed the expletives from your posts.
As we have offered help and you have refused it, this thread is now closed. There is no reason to keep it open to debates about Windows vs Linux.