I have 16.3 but no upgrade to 17 shown

I am on version 16.3 but 'system tools' is not showing the upgrade link for Zorin 17.

Do you have any pending updates in the Software Updater?

Are you on 16.3 Lite? If so, it won't show an upgrade option until 17 Lite is released - probably several weeks away.

There is no direct upgrade path from Lite versions to Core versions AFAIK.

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According to bob742's profile he is on "Core", so assume Z16.3 Core.
If that is incorrect, it would be good if Bob edited his profile.

No, they have all been applied (several times)

I am on Core. Thanks for the suggestions though...

I assume you have been looking for "Upgrade Zorin OS" menu item in System Tools, not any other description words like Zorin Upgrader for example.

Have you searched for "Upgrade Zorin OS" in Software Store?
and/or if you have installed Synaptic Package Manger, search in there.

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